Yes And

“Yes And” is a fantastic game that builds a bridge to agreement. It sounds simple on the surface but agreement is often hard to obtain. When playing this game there is an undeniable sense of release in the very idea of agreeing to something you would normally never agree to.

In theory, you agree to whatever the other person tells you in whatever ever context expressed. In “Executive Improv” we often create marketing strategies to the crazy business endeavors we come up with, or we come up with the business ideas during this game. It’s a great way to start off a class and end a class. In esseance the “Yes” is you agreeing to what the other play just expressed… the “And” are you adding to what the other person just expressed. This then builds and escalates until ut feels all can be accomplished. In order to play the game, you must

This is given a high star rating in teamwork as it truly can aid a team that is need of morale, is in constant disagreement.  It helps each other see one another in different ways.

Variation: Yes Let’s

A variation of this game with a group is called “Yes Let’s”. When one player adds to the idea soup the others in the gameplay all say or try and say at the same time, “Yes Let’s!”. This adds mure fuel to the fire and teams can really generate a wonderful sense of agreement here.

Some good examples below from some fine improv professionals: