Worst Day Ever

Often times we are afraid of the worst-case scenarios for our business. The times when the bottom falls out. Here we simulate this. This dramatically strengthens the creative problem-solving muscle of the player.

It’s the business as usual for the business professional… until they get hit with the worst scenario imaginable from the other players in the room. One by one the players take turns administering difficult circumstances that would otherwise crush any business. The player has to solve each issue, one by one, as they arrive until all fires have been put out.

This game ranks high in conflict/resolution. The player must work hard to resolve the conflicts headed their way while the other players must conjure up problems for the player to solve.

Some fast examples…

You are the CEO of xyz –

… your legal team informs you have a new lawsuit – how do you solve it in the moment?

… your operations directors informs you of doom down in your warehouse, how do you creatively solve this?

… You are told you can no longer market to your target audience, how will you solve this on the spot?