Conflict/ Resolution. Creative Problem-solving.

They say problems come in three’s well in this game there it rains them. The hero in the scene, Player A must be on the ready, ready to put out fires the other players introduce into the scene. During the scene, Player A must address dire circumstances being brought in as gifts from the other players into the office. The other players must work to craft up a serious issue that the business is facing, and one that demands immediate attention. Try and include different types of problems in the scene. Manufacturing, budgeting, legal, marketing, ownership, property, etc. Each time the problem is introduced PLayer A must work to solve it, and if the solution feels strong enough PLayer B accepts and puts the solution into action. As the troupe matures this game really shows the proof. I have seen very creative ways problems have been added to the scene.

For Player A this game is a challenge. It really focuses on problem-solving. Putting out a fire. Dealing with a difficult situation in a creative manner.A fun way to close is the scene is being unable to solve a very simple problem.

Play this game a lot, play it often, become strong in your uncanny ability to solve any issue that comes your way, big or small.