Sit, Stand, Lean

Often times improv games with physical cues really help activate another part of our thinking and can really help us pull us out of over analyzation. Often we get stuck in our heads, wondering how we are coming across or what all we are saying. This leads to self-doubt. This game is a wonderful tool to help with this. You have to really pay attention to the actions of each player as the move in the scene.

The foundation of the game, like many of the games, is simple. During the gameplay one player must be sitting, one must be standing and the other must be leaning. The game requires a lot of focus on the others, so you must pay attention.

Avoid moving too much or just to trick the other players. It’s best to work as a group and works best when each decision to stand, to sit or to lean is justified.

When players are in the flow the game is organic and the scene comes to life with subtle, rich movement. Have fun learning and playing this advanced style game.