Pivot is a great game to play in any class or showcase for that matter. In business, you often hear about the companies ability to change direction or pivot their position. Shifting marketing, entire business model ideas to go where the people are, or purchase how they purchase. It’s easy for a company to feel stuck in an old way of doing things. This pattern, over time, can dry out your market that’s often looking for modern of cleaner ways of doing business. It’s important to infuse fresh new ideas, or new concepts into the business structure in order to ensure you are always keeping pace with the marketplace.

Pivot helps the mind understand this principle. It also helps train the mind to become more adaptable.

During the game the trusted servant calls out “pivot”… this triggers the player to change the last thought or the last line of dialogue into something completely different. Changing the course of discretion of the scene. This trains the individual to stay in the moment and to be ready for anything. The second, third or maybe fifth idea is taken providing an often unexpected course.

We have Creativity the highest mark here as it tears down then builds back up that muscle that must think creatively to create a new train of thought, a new way of thinking.