Pillars is such a fun game! Think “Mad Libs” for improv.

Two improv players stand on each side of the stage waiting to be tapped. When tapped the actors or audience members portraying the pillars, Fill in the Blank, in a sentence provided by the player in the game. The players must then repeat and fully incorporate whatever is added in by the pillars. Often times a player is assigned one pillar to help set up a nice structure but can switch it up to mix it up. This game proves that its all improvisation. Pillars are often encouraged to say the first thing on their minds. This forces the players in the e scene to fully engage and concentrate in being in the m0ment, they simply have no idea what details are coming their way.

It is so refreshing to given new ideas or concepts to say….

Pillars is given hig marks for teamwork because the players must really listen, incorporate and learn to set up their pillars while playing out all the tenents of improv.

We found a few good examples of the game being played below by these fine improve troupes…