Freeze Tag

One of the most treasured improv games there is. We love playing this game with a large class. It stimulates a lot of creative ideas in a short amount of time while forcing the mind to think outside the box. It’s a good game to play after a good warm-up. It is fast-paced while getting everyone into the action of the game. You cannot sit on the sidelines with this one.


Two players take the stage and begin a scene. IN our executive Improv class we tend to pick from our reservoir of business-related scenarios or recently we have used the game, “Yes And” to drum up some business ideas to weave in throughout the session. So two-player begin a scene and we try and make it has some movement, like getting a punch out of a punch bowl is a fun way to start. The scene plays out some and during the scene the teacher or the students call out FREEZE. Once this is heard, the players in the scene must FREEZE into their position. The player who called freeze or the teacher challenges someone to assume the position of one of the payers then use that position to justify a new scene.