Executive Improv
Creative Smash Presents: Executive Improv Monday Nights at vLink Solution Studios in Marietta

Invigorate your imagination, spark your creativity, problem-solve more effectively, attract the abundance of the universe or just let loose in this fast-paced, action-packed, improv class geared for the business professional. Creative Smash, Executive Improv is for professionals looking to practice the art of communication, take big risks, face their fears all while having fun in a supportive environment. Improv gameplay revolves around both broad business set-ups and quite specific circumstantial scenarios related to the individual challenges the student may be facing in the week to come. Networking, community, and leads are encouraged.  Classes are located in the state-of-the-art production studios at vLink Solutions. Come play! $165 Ongoing, Monthly

Teacher: Brent Brooks, co-author of “Improv to Improve your Business

“Improv to Improve Your Business” presents the readers with real-world stories illustrating how the principles of improvisation enhance communication, foster innovation and inspire creativity. This collaboration of business experts highlights how improv has affected the way they determine new approaches, learn from mistakes and leverage success. Full of resources and inspirational quotes, one reader stated, “The content gave me a well needed charge to my own mental batteries.”


At our improv lab we combine our game play with series of well-known improv games as well making up brand new ones that are fitting well with the executive improv theme. Our goal is to create, develop and hone the profitability mind set. There are treasure trove of improv games out there with each one targeting a different learning process, or part in the brain. There are just hundreds of games to play and so little time. At our executive improv labatories we have also been creating brand new games, tweaking current ones and coming up with our unique style of delievery. Below is is a ongoing list of games we play, some of them underlined hyperlinked to descriptions. You will also notice how each game below is rated using a star system. This rating helps us to qualify each game as each one targets a different growth area.

Module 1: Trust

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