Customer Support Line

How to Play:

Send a player out of the room so they can’t hear. While the player is gone have the group decide on the type of business the player is going to be taking customer support calls for. Don’t go for things that are way to abstract nor things that are to easy to guess. Try and work to find something in the middle. Invite the player back into the room and explain to them they will be fielding calls today to answer questions for customers of their product or service. Have then sit in the playing arena and begin the game.

  • When calling in at first its fun to be open-ended with things, allowing the game to breathe a little bit
  • As the game goes on try and providing the playing signals, clues, indicators to help the player guess the product or service they are taking calls for
  • As the player taking the calls try your best to answer the questions to the very best of your ability, making things up as you go along yet trying to get on target

This has been a great game to play in the executive setting as many businesses use call centers to help them take calls for their businesses. It’s been a great way to expand your current vision for your own business to contemplate a service like this for yourself. Have fun!