Countdown is a really fun improv game that plays with time manipulation, bending time and space! It takes a lot of skill and is not for the new student. It’s fast-paced and requires a good improv foundation, which means a solid platform of agreement, character discipline, and focus. To play the game perform a one minute improve scene with these elements:

  • Start the scene off with one Actor creating an environment
  • The second Actor creating the relationship
  • Back to the first actor who introduces a problem to be solved
  • Then back to the 2nd player who solves the scene
  • Keep the scene to one minute
  • Try to include a physical activity

Ok so now once you have played out the scene it’s time to play. Perform the exact same scene but now do the scene in 30 seconds, again in 15, in 7 and finally in 3 seconds. Also, try and perform the scene 30 second backwords. Can you get all the key information into the scene as time is being crushed down?

This game targets memory, communication and teamwork. The Actors have to play close attention to their actions and when they speed them up they have to learn to get out the most important part of what they are saying.