Blind Business Coach

This game falls in the many variations of guessing games in which we send a player out of the room while the players inside devise their expert subject matter upon which to guess. Think of it as a form of charades.P Played effectively this game targets key areas of business skill development. So often times businesses hire a professional business coach to aid in helping a business get off the ground, or target a certain area in which their business is hurting. The coach brings a set of skills that can target a certain area for improvement. The coach can help a company pull out some pains that perhaps the owners of the company can’t.  The coach is solution-driven and brings a unique set of experiences to the table.

In this game, Blind Business Coach, the coach comes in and must use subtle clues provided by the other players to try and guess the company they are coaching. In other words they are coming in blind. They have been hired to coach but don’t know what for and must guess it out during the game.

We have found this game dramatically targets areas in the player that has a profound effect on the ability to express their thoughts more effectively, pay close attention to their audience in real-time and incorporate a positive mental attitude.

  • Avoid giving away the product or service too soon in the game. You can do this by leaving things open-ended.
  • This game can drag on if the Blind Business Coach just doesn’t get it – if it starts to drag make your clues less subtle
  • Make sure to make things positive, we once made the mistake and making the room really depressed and it ended up bad
  • Make the room positive, in other words, make sure the players are excited to be coached, excited to see their problems solved