This game requires concentration and, um, knowledge of the ABC’s. It works the thinking muscle building memory strength, focus and creativity.

To Play the Game:
Player A
starts the scene by making the first sentance start with the letter A. Player B tjhen begins the next sentence starting with the letter B. Get all the way to Z.

This game has a quick way of making you really concentrate, pulling you right into the moment by actiging a second form of thinking while trying to make sure your communicaiton is coherent.

The first time you play the game we like to let you play the game without a stricy time restraint, but as we play the game giving you a time limit increases the gameplay.

In our Executive Improv Course we like to use business scenerios as our platform for the gameplay. Our players love the game!


  • Prepre to be a business insider deleiveing a newscast
  • Prepare to start the scene with a different letter cycling all the way through to the letter right before
  • Try to get a super fast session, can you get through the entire alphabet in 30 seconds?

Some great examples of the game being played: